Thursday, July 24, 2008

Garden Reflections

Capture the look of a sparkling chandelier with branches and prisms.
  1. Select several large, leafless branches from trees in your yard, and place them in an urn. Stabilize the branches with pebbles, and top with moss (#62696).
  2. Hang chandelier prisms (#48047) from the branches to create a centerpiece for a shimmering outdoor gathering.

Colorful Display - Create your own board for mementos

  1. Select a (1/2-inch-thick) wooden panel in a desired size. (A Lowe’s employee can cut the panel for you, if needed.)
  2. Paint the panel; we used American Tradition® Signature ColorsTM, Laura Ashley Home, Raspberry #LA418, satin.
  3. Cut several lengths of white mason line (#66516)—found in the hardware department—about 4 inches longer than the panel’s width. Cut several more lengths about 4 inches longer than the height.
  4. Arrange the mason line on the panel in an overlapping crisscross pattern, as shown.
  5. Secure the mason line with furniture nails (#58199). Pull each length tightly between the nails.
  6. Trim the loose ends to about 1/2 inch in length, and then fray them.

Smart Containers - Make pots clever and cute

  1. Clean clay pots and saucers with a damp cloth; allow to dry.
  2. Using a foam brush or water-based paintbrush, apply two or three coats of chalkboard paint (#203261). Allow to dry between coats. For a spark of color, coat the saucers or the pot rims with a colored paint instead.
  3. Label with chalk.

Sassy Seat - Transform a shower curtain into cushions

  1. Select a fabric shower curtain—we chose black-and-white toile (#224858). Iron the curtain, and then place it with the pattern side down on a flat work surface.
  2. Remove the seat from a wooden chair (this works best with an already-padded seat). Place the seat with the top side down on the curtain.
  3. Trim the curtain, allowing about 3 to 6 inches beyond the edges of the seat.
  4. Use a staple gun to secure the curtain’s edges to the seat’s underside, working around the seat. Wrap the curtain tightly, and tuck the excess smoothly at the corners.
  5. Paint the chair in a shade that coordinates with the curtain, before reattaching the seat. We used red spray paint (#39351).
  6. Cover additional seats (one 70- x 72-inch curtain will cover approximately six average seats).

Halloween Greeting - Celebrate with these lanterns

  1. Select 3-inch vinyl letters (#63874) to spell the word of your choice.
  2. Place bell-shaped glass shades (#185811) with the larger ends down on a flat surface. (We chose orange shades, but other colors are available.)
  3. Peel each letter from its backing, and affix one to each shade, centering it vertically.
  4. Place tea lights inside small votive containers, which will protect your tabletop from wax and heat. The tea lights light up the shades and letters.

Light Touch - Customize a basic shade

  1. Cut a piece of wallpaper—we chose black-and-white checked paper (#157083) —in a size that fits your lampshade. (The wallpaper will need to be 1 inch wider and 11/2 inches times the shade’s circumference.)
  2. Place the wallpaper, pattern side down, on a flat work surface. Mark at 1-inch intervals along both long edges.
  3. Pleat the wallpaper accordion-style, folding at each mark.
  4. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the center of each pleat, about 3/4 inch from the edge of the wallpaper.
  5. Thread picture wire (#52695) through each hole. Secure the edges using a hot-glue gun.
  6. Place the wallpaper over the shade, as shown, and tighten the wire. Twist together the wire ends, and snip off the excess.